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Concrete Cutting and Polishing Southfield

Not every project will require polishing and cutting of concrete. However, many concrete works would require perfect and edges and surfaces. This makes these two services necessary. While they share the same goal of making your concrete is perfect for finishing, they use different strategies, tools, and methods. These are both basic services that can be provided for you by a Southfield concrete company.

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In essence, concrete cutting is done to take away some excess parts of the concrete in area where they should not be. Often, the concrete to be removed are small. Therefore, a lot of precision is required to make this work. Otherwise, the mistakes are difficult to reverse. Special saws and drills are used here. The right amount of force, not too much, but not too little is needed to accomplish this task.

On the other hand, concrete polishing has the goal of producing a bright and shiny surface for the concrete. This process can be compared to the sanding of wood, where grit is used to abrade and smoothen the surface. For concrete, special equipment with diamond segments are used to remove the coarse surfaces. Call a Southfield concrete contractor at 313-789-3411 for cutting and polishing services.

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